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Our cloud was not built on thin air.  We did not wake up one day and decide to become providers of cloud computing.  Rather, it is the culmination of years of experience as a trusted Systems Integrator in the UK.

Frontier Hosting Service is our private, highly-available, enterprise-class cloud with the highest-grade infrastructure. It is your own dedicated cloud ecosystem – only more solid, secure and scalable.

It is a readily-available, UK-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for organisations who who want to increase business agility whilst reducing costs.  What sets us apart is that all server data will be replicated to a second datacentre as standard.


Truly, Enterprise-Class. Our main datacentre is Tier 4, backed up by a Tier 3+ datacentre.  We have Tier 1 connectivity in our highly-secure physical & virtual environments.  We are UK-based and owned.

We only deploy top-notch and tested technologies, assuring you the best possible experience.  Our close relationships with industry leaders allow you to access synergised resources and support anytime.

uk private cloud hosting provider

Key benefits of Hosting at our Cloud -

  • High Availability:  Offers a fully redundant infrastructure including SAN, servers, networking and firewall
  • On-Going Support: Your cloud is supported 24 x 7
  • No CapEx: Lower your IT resource and service costs
  • No Infrastructure Required: Be up and running fast
  • Reduced Burden on IT:  Allows your team to focus on tasks that deliver more value to the business
  • Green Technology: Lower carbon footprints

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An impenetrable cloud for your critical data is key.

Be it physical, virtual or process security, our cloud is locked with the highest levels of safety.

Highly-Secure Virtual Environment

  • Solutions are sectioned with dedicated physical or virtual firewalls, or a combination of both
  • Best of breed firewalls and encryption systems
  • Strict adherence to ISO 27001 Security Management standards
  • US Safe Harbour compliant

Highly-Secure Physical Environment

  •  Datacentres located inside its own secure compound, with 3-metre fencing and electric entry, including anti-tailgate systems
  • 24×7 secure entry via swipe card system, with 6-layer entry
  • Datacentres located outside the M25 zone, keeping them away from highly target locations

uk private cloud hosting provider

Who’s looking at your data?  Read about the  US Patriot Act


Freedom to choose.  Self-managed or fully managed by us; expand or reduce resources– you decide how you want your cloud to be.

Using the “as-a-Service” model, you can customise your cloud to your exact requirement at any given point in time. As a result, you can enjoy the following benefits -

  • Pay only for the resources that you actually use
  • A la carte options from CPU cores to amounts of bandwidth, memory and disk space

Frontier Cloud also offers you the utmost flexibility. Your data and applications can be made available from any internet-connected device allowing you to work wherever, whenever.

To keep you on track with your consumption, we have a monitoring system that alerts you when you’re nearing your allocations so you can then decide what actions to take.

The power to control is in your hands.

uk private cloud hosting provider

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