FITS IT as a Service

IT Outsourcing / IT as a Service

Transform servers to service, cables to cloud, and user boo’s to user aaah’s.  Don’t worry about IT.  We’ve got the solution that FITS.

Frontier IT Service (FITS) is our IT Outsourcing / IT as a Service solution.  It bridges the gap between SMEs and their need for enterprise IT without the hefty price tag and additional resources attached to it.  It utilises the advanced benefit of enterprise-class Cloud technology and offers an affordable, all-inclusive and integrated IT package that covers all your IT needs.

FITS covers all the fundamental IT requirements that are demanded from forward-thinking businesses today.  It includes application hosting, backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, consultancy and importantly, user support.  Our pool of IT experts and resources will become a crucial part of your business and play a key role in improving your business agility and flexibility.

FITs simplifies the complexities of IT especially if you have no, or limited, IT staff.  It rids you of the headaches of technical glitches, upgrades and maintenance. Instead, we let you focus on growing your core business.  This can be delivered as a fully-outsourced service or as a complementary solution to existing IT resources.

Key Features

Standard Features:

  • Centralised Server and Application Hosting
  • Enterprise-Class Infrastructure
  • High Performance, Secure Network
  • Enterprise-Class Backup/Archiving
  • Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alert System with Live Dashboard
  • Tailored IT Support Service with Contracted Response Times
  • Asset Registration
  • Automated Reporting on All Systems
  • Scheduled Proactive Ongoing Maintenance
  • Management of Third Party Suppliers
  • ITIL-based Service Delivery and Governance
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Regular IT Strategy and Road Map Consultation

IT as a Service

Optional Features:

24×7 Systems Support  |  Remote Anywhere Access to Desktop
Offline File Sharing  |  Multi-Factor User Authentication
Onsite Peripherals Management  |  HotDesk

Professional Management of IT

Before engagement, we take time in understanding your business goals and organisation’s culture.  We pay close attention to details to ensure that what you want is what you get… and more. We strive to become your partner, not a supplier, who’ll help you propel your growth. We take charge of your IT challenges and the answers to it all.

  • London based help desk manned by experienced, courteous and efficient engineers
  • Single point of contact with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • A truly 24/7 IT environment
  • Immediate access to specialist IT staff

IT as a Service 02

We become/supplement your IT department, minus the cost and hassle of running a full-scale one.

IT Outsourcing benefits

We cover all the fundamental IT requirements that are demanded from forward-thinking businesses today.  It includes hosting, backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, consultancy and importantly, user support.

Full Integration of IT Estate

Whatever applications you’re running and devices you’re using, wherever your employees are working, we’ve got you covered.  We offer a complete package that takes care of all your IT needs.  As a result, you will be assured of a dramatic improvement of your IT performance with our 99.999 uptime guarantee.

  • Complete design, deployment and maintenance of key IT functions
  • Holistic and secure data management
  • Handling and integration of third-party providers thus eliminating the hassles of dealing with multiple IT vendors
  • Expansive network of industry-leading and community-trusted partners

Full Visibility in the Cloud

Whilst Cloud can seem to be an intimidating concept of unknown clusters of servers and unreliable bandwidth in a random datacentre, FITS offers full visibility of your hosted IT environment.  This unique proposition affords you full control and understanding of your IT.

  • Regular management reports showing systems performance and utilisation
  • Periodic review of systems
  • Transparency in all engagements such as data flow and security access levels
  • Intelligence on infrastructure and user performances, including ROI on technology investments

IT Outsourcing 01

No surprises.

IT Outsourcing saving

Outsource, never outspend.

Reduction in IT spend

Increase productivity whilst reducing cost.  FITS’ Cloud model helps you avoid expensive IT purchases and maintenance.

  • Business gains much greater value from IT as it delivers exactly what the business needs
  • Fixed cost based on a per-user pricing
  • No capital expenditure and depreciation
  • No unexpected costs

Want to outsource your IT but not sure if the Cloud is right for you?  We can help you with on-premise IT too.

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