Frontier Monitoring Service

Infrastructure Monitoring for SME

Finally, an infrastructure monitoring system designed for SMEs that saves you time and money.  Provisioned with a central console, it lets you configure monitoring for multiple devices with only a few clicks.

FMS Silver focuses predominantly on hardware monitoring and reporting.  It is for organisations who want to audit essential server performance without denting their budget. It is an agentless monitoring system that’s easy to use and accessible anywhere.

infrastructure monitoring for sme

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Server Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Disk SpaceCPU Utilisation
CPU UtilisationMemory Utilisation
Memory UtilisationSystem Uptime
System UptimePing Response
Ping ResponseBandwidth
Service AvailabilityVLAN Status
System InventoryInterface Status
VM Bandwidth (ESX)VPN Latency
Event Log

infrastructure monitoring for sme

General Features

Centralised Monitoring

Monitor thousands of servers and devices from a single installation.


Get only the alerts and reports you need.  You can set-up your email and SMS notifications to your specifications whilst allowing you to suppress and escalate those that are critical


You have the power to change and design settings, alerts and reports.

General Features


Automatically generates audit reports to help you spot potential errors.  You can also instruct the system to automatically stop monitoring during scheduled maintenance windows.

 Intelligent Reporting

You can generate status reports for servers and other devices, group summaries, uptime, and historic statistics. Reports can be viewed via HTTP and can be password protected.

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Frontier Monitoring Service


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