Frontier Monitoring Service

Enterprise Infrastructure Monitoring

All-inclusive enterprise infrastructure monitoring that ensures service downtime is minimised and the IT environment is optimised to achieve business requirements.

FMS Gold monitors and reports on your hardware infrastructure.  Best of all, it is able to achieve proactive business unit application and configuration level monitoring. It can be customised to alert or report against very specific requirements, including bespoke applications and application dependencies.

It is ultimately a platform to facilitate proactive management and continuous improvement of an IT environment from the infrastructure to application level.

enterprise infrastructure monitoring

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Server Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Disk SpaceCPU Utilisation
CPU UtilisationMemory Utilisation
Memory UtilisationSystem Uptime
System UptimePing Response
Ping ResponseBandwidth
Service AvailabilityVLAN Status
System InventoryInterface Status
VM Bandwidth (ESX)VPN Latency
Event Log

enterprise infrastructure monitoring




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General Features

Reduce high cost of IT maintenance & tuning

With no capital outlay and no up-front costs, you only pay for your utilisation.  This is also a cost-effective alternative to reduce licensing options.

Simple and fast to deploy

With the solution already assembled, there is no need for you to install it in your infrastructure and to undergo skills training.

Single point of access

Monitor services, devices, and operations for many computers in a single console through Frontier Technology’s portal.

Intelligent reporting and real-time view

Generate alerts for availability, performance, configuration and security situations.

General Features

Maximise resources

Know the utilisation levels of your servers and shuffle disk spaces in accordance to storage and other unique requirements of applications.

Proactively analyse

Gain real-time insight into the current state of the IT environment and the IT services running across different systems and workload.

Align IT efforts with that of the organisation

Because your systems will always have high availability, business operations will be up and running 24 x 7

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Frontier Monitoring Service

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