Frontier Monitoring Service

Infrastructure Monitoring

What’s going on inside your servers?  Wouldn’t you like to know? Now, systems can be audited in real-time… proactively identifying potential problems even before they can impact your infrastructure.

Frontier Monitoring Service (FMS) is our monitoring-as-a-service solution that can help you improve the health of your infrastructure.  What’s more, it lets you to leave a smaller carbon footprint and save on CapEx involved in running new software.

FMS captures and prevents potential damage to your IT operations.  Simply put, it checks, controls and corrects.

Our flexible FMS packages are designed to suit your individual needs -

Looking for an all-inclusive monitoring and reporting system for your enterprise infrastructure? This one’s for you      FMS Gold    

Looking to monitor and report on your hardware infrastructure? This one’s for you     FMS Silver   

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Our flexible FMS packages let you choose what’s best for you.

Frontier Monitoring Service


Investigate instances in real-time. 

FMS shows you the current condition and utilisation of servers, applications and networks.  It allows you to pre-empt network and systems failure through informed forecasting.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

cloud infrastructure monitoring


Tip-top condition – day in, day out.

FMS enables administrators to foresee problems before they are encountered – giving you maximum control. It is a full-scale management console that gives you a holistic view of your IT systems.

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Remedy server failure with a dose of proactivity.

FMS alerts you when a potentially bad situation is going to happen.  It pinpoints exactly where the problem lies and what is causing it. It even performs health checks by troubleshooting poor performance and automatically carries out corrective actions.

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infrastructure monitoring in the cloud

Want to eliminate infrastructure downtime?  We can help you with our pro-active Monitoring-as-a-Service solution.

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