Centralised Desktop Management Support

Empower your end users by presenting them with a single user experience, regardless of location or device; not only without compromising corporate IT policy but actually facilitating it.

The combined forces of technological and behavioural change in the workplace, amidst increasing cost pressures and businesses’ need to maintain security and control, have triggered widespread scrutiny of the multitude of desktop management technologies now available.

Frontier Desktop Service (FDS) is our Desktop-as-a-Service solution. It aims to overcome the challenges and risks associated with adopting desktop virtualisation as an end user IT strategy, whilst delivering the many benefits of a centrally managed desktop environment.

A major dilemma faced by the majority of organisations is not only which approach and what technology to adopt, but how to integrate the chosen platform with existing systems, how to implement such a change without impacting business operations, and how to ensure long term objectives are achieved to realise the required return on investment. FDS, managed by very experienced professionals in the field of access and virtualisation technologies, can help you address these issues.

Key Features

Standard Features:

  • Centralised Management of Desktops
  • Familiar End User Experience
  • Enterprise-Class Encryption of End User Devices
  • Full Policy-Based Management of End User Devices
  • Desktop Refresh on Reboot
  • Anti-Theft Remote Wipe of Lost/Stolen Devices
  • Ability to Manage Device Over Any Secure Internet Connection
  • No Downtime for System Updates
  • Personal Virtual Disk to Run Multiple Desktops
  • Business Hours End User Support
  • Local Desktop Image Caching Server for Optimised Performance

frontier desktop service

Optional Features:

24×7 End User Support     |     Policy-Based Backup and Recovery
Desktop Access Anywhere     |     Offline File System


Based on our clients’ need for a simple and reliable desktop management solution, we have developed the Frontier Desktop Service to offer the following key benefits:

  • Central policy-based management and deployment of desktops
  • Backup, recovery and remote wipe of data
  • No reliance on Internet connectivity
  • Return of desktop to original state on reboot
  • Full hard drive encryption

virtual desktop



Given the mobility requirements of the majority of today’s workforce and the resulting connectivity inconsistencies, Frontier Desktop Service aims to deliver a reliable virtual desktop experience making use of application layering rather than local operating system and application installation. This ensures all critical applications are available for local execution within a virtualised and highly manageable desktop environment; catering well to both static and mobile workers.

Mix & Match

Based on our background in technical consultancy, we are well positioned to advise on desktop management strategy, as well as to integrate the Frontier Desktop Service with other cloud services and providers.

We specialises in the provision of consulting-led managed cloud services with a focus on delivering value through technical excellence, professional IT service management and the simplification of complexities relating to the effective use and management of cloud technologies.

In the knowledge that all businesses are unique, all Frontier Desktop Service engagements commence with an evaluation of relevant business and IT challenges and objectives to ensure the most appropriate strategy is adopted.

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Looking to virtualise your desktop environment using the Desktop-as-a-Service model?  Let us help you.

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