Enterprise Disaster Recovery

FCS Gold, an enterprise disaster recovery solution, is ideal for organisations who depend on mission-critical data and applications.  We provide real-time replication of data, snapshots and individual server recovery with access to your recovered data via the web.

It achieves the lowest RPOs and RTOs, covering physical and virtual servers. It is fully backed by SLAs and limits potential downtime following DR invocation by way of continuous replication, annual invocation testing and a rigorous procedural approach.

Recovery Point Objective: less than 3 minutes

Recovery Time Objective:  less than 30 minutes

enterprise disaster recovery

FCS subscribers receive, upon invocation, 60 days of hardware resources (vCPU/RAM) free. This allows customers to invoke DR safe in the knowledge that there will be no surprise fees.

Require an RPO of less than 3 minutes & an RTO of up to 1 hour* for your physical and/or virtual servers? This one’s for you   FCS SilverPlus

Require an RPO of less than 1 hour & an RTO of less than 2 hours for your virtual servers? This one’s for you       FCS Silver   

Require an RTO of less than 5 minutes?     Enquire Now  

General Features

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Design
  • Deployment Services
  • Documented Disaster Recovery Procedure
  • Annual Invocation Test
  • Dedicated Service Coordinator
  • Replication Link Provisioning
  • Replication Link Monitoring and Alerting
  • On Demand Up-Scaling
  • Access to Frontier Service Portal


  • Continuous Replication
  • Data Protection
  • Data Snapshots
  • Individual Server Recovery


Optional Features:

  • Access to Applications and Data
  • Monthly Invocation Testing
  • Server Recovery within 5 minutes

We are so confident with our FCS service that we invite you to try it for 3 weeks, FREE. No obligations, no commitment.

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