Disaster Recovery for SME – Virtual Servers

FCS Silver provides a fully managed, SLA-backed, cost effective disaster recovery solution for virtual servers running Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 or any versions of VMware, with annual invocation testing and the option of automated monthly system testing.

Recovery Point Objective: <1 hour

Recovery Time Objective:  <2 hours

Disaster Recovery for SME

FCS subscribers receive, upon invocation, 60 days of hardware resources (vCPU/RAM) free. This allows customers to invoke DR safe in the knowledge that there will be no surprise fees.

Require an RPO of less than 3 minutes & an RTO of less than 30 minutes? This one’s for you       FCS Gold    

Require an RPO of less than 3 minutes & an RTO of up to 1 hour* for your physical and/or virtual servers? This one’s for you   FCS SilverPlus

Require an RTO of less than 5 minutes     Enquire Now  

General Features

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Design
  • Deployment Services
  • Documented Disaster Recovery Procedure
  • Annual Invocation Test
  • Dedicated Service Coordinator
  • Replication Link Monitoring and Alerting
  • Replication Link Provisioning


  • On Demand Up-Scaling
  • Data Protection
  • Data Snapshots
  •  Individual Server Recovery
  • Access to Frontier Service Portal

Optional Features:

  • Access to Applications and Data
  • Monthly Invocation Testing

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