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Cloud Backup

FVS Backup is our fully managed cloud backup solution that provides disc-based backup utilising market leading technologies.

We pro-actively monitor, report & support your backups giving you total peace of mind. Our cloud-based backup solution provides application-aware, point-in-time recovery of Microsoft Exchange Server®, SharePoint®, SQL, Oracle, DB2,VMware, Hyper-V, File Systems as well as other business critical applications.

Key Issues Resolved

  • Growing cost of more tapes, tape libraries, tape drives, licences and maintenance for backup
  • Tape reliability and tape drive head alignment issues including the safe handling of tapes during off-site tape collection
  • Backup window shrinking or exceeding, backup failures and missing data
  • Inability to recover and restore individual items, mailboxes and files from a point in time
  • Time lost on changing tapes, setting up backup jobs and worrying about backup

cloud backup

Choose the FVS Backup service that suits you

For mission-critical data: FVS Backup  Gold

For less critical data:        FVS Backup Silver

Got a mix of critical and less critical data?  No problem.  Mix and match your servers to either one of our Gold and Silver packages.

Manage all your backup needs under one cloud.  Backup mission-critical data using FVS Backup Gold and use FVS Backup Silver for your non-critical data.

Key Benefits

Security & Resilience | All data will be highly encrypted at source before leaving your servers. Best practices in security will be strictly enforced as your data makes its way to our Tier 4, UK-based, highly resilient data centre.

 Retention | No data gets deleted as all our daily backup retentions are fully customisable. We can retain all daily backups for an agreed policy-driven duration. This means you can retrieve any file or individual inbox or email as it existed on a particular date – quickly and effectively.


Cost-effective | We aim to reduce your backup storage footprint before we even start backing your data up. This allows higher specification storage for backup data to become an affordable option. (High specification storage means superb resilience and multiple restoration streams delivering aggressive RTO.)

 Disaster Recovery | As Frontier Technology specialises in delivering services from our enterprise cloud – we can provide Cloud Disaster Recovery for all of your servers in the event of any disasters affecting business operation or data corruption.

Disaster Recovery options including Cloud DR, Warm Standby Server, access to applications and data or High Availability via Frontier Continuity Services.

cloud backup

Key Features

• Project consultation workshop and installation included

• Monitoring of backup jobs – 24/7

• Reporting – weekly or daily

• Troubleshooting backup & hands-on support

• Assistance to add or decommission servers from backup and data retained for agreement duration

• Test restores periodically

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