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Cloud Archiving

FVS Archiving  is our premium cloud archiving solution that guarantees all of your data is stored efficiently and intelligently whilst providing ease of access.

This solution applies management policies to emails, documents or SharePoint so your data simply ages from front line servers into long term archive storage in a structured, manageable way.

Key Issues Solved

  • Regulation requires retention of data
  • Storage costs are spiraling
  • Compliance requires companies to be able to discover data
  • Recovery or backup window is too long
  • PST files take up disk space and cause support overhead
  • A management structure is required for the life cycle of data

cloud archiving

Key Benefits

Reduce Storage | Archiving policies define how data is stored with inactive messages and files being removed. Those emails and files are easily accessed through shortcuts left in their place. Data de-duplication ensures only a single copy of the file is stored significantly reducing your storage costs.

PST File Migration | PST Files are removed from the network and imported into your archive. This process reduces the total storage in use by re-creating single instance storage with messages already stored.

Fast Search and Discovery | Finding specific messages and files has never been easier, archived emails and files can be discovered using a powerful easy to use search function.


Faster System Backups and Improved Recovery times | PST migration coupled with file and mailbox archiving significantly reduces the time taken for daily backups. In the event of a system failure, recovery times will be substantially improved.

Compliance | Frontier Vault Service ensures that you meet your regulatory requirements by guaranteeing that all of your data is stored efficiently and is quickly and easily accessible. We have a further compliance solution which can be added on to Frontier Vault Service which lets you perform cost-effective supervisory reviews of your employees’ messages.

Flexible | The archiving policies applied are chosen by you and are defined to meet your set business requirements.

Key Features

• No imposed mailbox and disk storage limits

• Company information can be found quickly and easily

• No capex – deploy now, pay monthly

• Data lifecycle management through flexible retention policies

• Reduces your frontline system back up and recovery times

• Advanced de-duplication technology significantly reduces total storage requirement

• Your IT team will be freed from the entire archiving process

• Storage management and forecasting through monitoring and reporting

cloud archiving

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