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Data Management

De-duplicate, archive away… then backup.

Frontier Vault Service (FVS) is our complete data management package that covers two of the most critical aspects – archiving and backup.  It is your comprehensive suite of customisable end-to-end data management solutions.  It is designed to solve issues of data lifecycle management without the need to implement new storage solutions.

Respect your data. Allow it to perform at its peak whilst protecting and preserving its integrity.

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Cloud Data Management


Maximise active storage space.  Frontier Vault service will automatically and securely move stale data from your high cost infrastructure to an alternative storage facility.  As a result, this will dramatically reduce your storage and data management costs by up to 65%.

Frontier Vault Service can reduce the growth of your data storage.  Unwanted files are effectively relocated to reduce the amount of data stored on production file and mail servers.  In the event of a system failure, you will be amazed at how your recovery times are significantly decreased, as well.

This solution will be tailored to your existing infrastructure – maximising and re-strategising IT resources.  As it is a managed service, some of the benefits include –

  • No CapEx
  • No hardware maintenance
  • No need for additional staff
  • No need for extra office space

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Reduce risks and provide a high availability environment. Prevent data loss and corruption during transfers, whilst enabling users to share data in real time, by utilising a robust disc-based backup solution.

FVS Backup is our fully-managed, private cloud-based solution for all your backup needs.  Some of its features include –

  • Project consultation workshop and installation included
  • Monitoring of backup jobs – 24/7
  • Reporting – weekly or daily
  • Troubleshooting backup & hands-on support
  • Assistance to add or decommission servers from backup and data retained for agreement duration
  • Test restores periodically
  • Scalable – giving you plenty of room for expansion

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Data Management in the Cloud

Cloud Data Management


Data is fragile.  It is delicate and can be easily tampered with just a single click of the mouse. Preserve its integrity by utilising an archiving system that stores data efficiently and intelligently whilst providing near-instant access.

FVS Archiving is our private cloud-based solution for all your data archiving needs.  Some of its features include –

  • No imposed mailbox and disk storage limits
  • Company information can be found quickly and easily
  • No CapEx – deploy now, pay monthly
  • Data lifecycle management through flexible retention policies
  • Reduces your frontline system backup and recovery times
  • Advanced de-duplication technology significantly reduces total storage requirement
  • Your IT team will be freed from the entire archiving process
  • Storage management and forecasting through monitoring and reporting

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Does Big Data have to mean Big Storage and Big Costs? Ask us how you can save up to 65% on your data management spend.

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