Cloud Risks and Trends in 2014

Where is the Cloud now?  How is it being adopted and what are its risks?  Frontier Cloud, together with Frank Jennings, Cloud lawyer from DMH Stallard, lay it out as it is.

The public sector spent a cumulative amount of £160 million on various Cloud solutions through the G-Cloud web store between April 2013 and April 2014. This is a huge increase in the £20 million during the same period last year1.  Over in the private sector, it was found that the biggest areas for the cloud to address in the 2014/2015 budget are Backup/DR and productivity solutions2.  These recent findings, together with other interesting Cloud facts, and their analyses on the impact it will have on individual organisations in the UK were presented during the recently concluded event “ Cloud Computing: Risks and Trends in 2014 ” which was hosted by Frontier Cloud.

Frank Jennings from DMH Stallard, a lawyer specialising in all things Cloud, shared his legal insights on how organisations can manage their risks in the Cloud.  He forewarned the audience of cloud contract loopholes such as the impact of “as is” service; the provision of “service credits” as a sole remedy for loss or interruption of service; vendor liability in case of data loss; costs of migration; and the importance of taking into great consideration the effects of when a cloud provider becomes insolvent.  He also compared the various data issues in the UK (Data Protection & Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act), the EU (Data Protection Directive & draft General Data Protection Regulation) and the US (USA Patriot & Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acts).

A copy of these presentations can be downloaded here:

Cloud Trends 2014:  View the slide deck here or view the presentation on YouTube

 Cloud Risks:  View the slide deck here

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