Case Study

Managing the IT Assets of One of UK’s Leading Public Sector Management Consultancy Providers

Organisation Profile

The organisation provides specialist Management Consulting services to the UK public sector with the objective of changing the way public services are delivered. Its team is often deployed throughout the UK, assisting local councils to achieve sustainable outcomes through adaptive change, human development and technical innovation.


Business Situation

Given the highly mobile, remote and decentralised way of working, the organisation required a way to maintain central control of its IT assets, while ensuring ease of management and maximum security and functionality to facilitate its consultants’ productivity.

They needed a partner who understood the demands of the professional services sector and had the ability to design, implement and manage a system to reduce administrative overhead allowing their team to focus on delivering client outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to build multiple laptop images for deployment to different user groups
  • Quick and simple deployment of images to end user PCs
  • No downtime required for installation of new images
  • Full control over end user permissions with ability to enforce full “lockdown”
  • Web-based console for easy image and policy management
  • Ability to update images over the Internet, not requiring PCs to be within the local network
  • Ability to very quickly wipe and redeploy an image following PC corruption or compromise
  • Ability to “remote-kill” a lost PC so that all data is removed next time it is connected to the Internet
  • Centrally managed enterprise-class PC encryption

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